Our Policies

Film Products Ltd continually strives to minimize and take responsibility for health & safety and any affects that our manufacturing/converting business practice may have on its employees and the environment, both at a local level and globally.  As a business our wastage and energy usage is relatively low and where possible waste products are reused within the business itself as packing materials; returned to suppliers for re-use, donated to charity  organisations or recycled through an approved waste disposal company.  Raw materials are sourced where possible from local suppliers.  Film Products Ltd aim to continually monitor health and safety, comply with all environmental recommendations and keep waste to minimum.

Product:  Innovia 340XSC copolymer coated regenerated cellulose film made from wood pulp and chemicals that comply with EC Regulation No. 1935/2004 (Article 3) and EC Directive 93/10/EEC (Article 2 [Z]) satisfied. Also OPP clear and printed films.

Cellulose films do not present any specific hazards to health or safety when used in accordance with reasonable industrial/domestic practice, hygiene and good housekeeping. 340XSC is a cellulose film coated with Polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC) copolymer which provides a barrier to water, oils and greases and gives the product a longer shelf life and glossy finish. Cellulose has unique dead-fold characteristics, anti-static and can be heat sealable on both sides.

Reels are sourced from a UK based company/agency as 35kg/40kg reels and wound around large kraft cardboard cores.  (See Storage below)

Uses:  Art & crafts, gift wrapping, packaging, educational supplies, display, storage & floristry.

Manufacturing Process:  The cellulose film and other films are re-rolled using bespoke converting benches onto small kraft cardboard cores and wrapped in polypropylene wrappers and labelled (generic or individual company details).

The benches are powered by low domestic use electricity (240v single phase).

All products are packaged in cardboard boxes supplied by a local company which uses materials where possible from renewable sources.

Storage:  Recommended conditions are:

Temperature  17 -23°C  / Relative Humidity 35 –55% / Away from local heat sources /       Out of direct sunlight

Recommended that product is used within 6 months from date of delivery.

Waste:  Cellulose films are water insoluble, ground and ground-water neutral, effectively non-toxic solids which present no environmental hazards.  The base film is 100% biodegradable – the coatings are less so (See Product info above).  Incineration is recommended as the most economic method of disposal as this regenerates the energy content of the material, this is done via a local waste disposal company which recycles around 80% of waste and provides/removes appropriate plastic and lockable containers.

The majority of wastage (cores, wrappers, film) is recycled within the business as packaging for new orders, cores are returned to suppliers for re-use, donated for use as pet toys/charity organisations for art and craft, or recycled through an approved waste disposal company.

Health & Safety:  Health & Safety is a key and ongoing issue and requirement for all activities and practises of Film Products Ltd. 

Ethnic Policy:  Film Products Ltd continually strives to take full responsibility for its actions and core business practices with regard to its employees, customers and suppliers, we endorse an equal opportunities and fair trade policy where possible.

Film Products Ltd is an established business currently maintaining small employment requirements but which considers cultural, ethnic, religious and racial lines for the purposes of its operations.

Any employee would be engaged based on skills, commitment and suitability to post and supported in career development and appraisal.  Good communication channels with employees, customers and suppliers are essential and no form of discrimination regardless of background or belief is tolerated.

Film Products Ltd is committed to supporting UK trade and endeavors to source its raw materials and other supplies locally where possible.  Goods bought in from suppliers are paid within the agreed timescales and aim to continue to build strong connections with suppliers and customers alike.

Employees are encouraged to deal with fellow employees, customers and suppliers in a professional, courteous and supportive manner.

Film Products Ltd is committed to supporting local community projects where possible, donating products in schools and charitable organisations which also supports our Environmental Policy Statement.

Honesty and accuracy of records is essential to the smooth running of the business and we endeavor to provide quality products fit for purpose as well as ongoing support to its employees, customers and suppliers.

Film Products Ltd aims to cause as little disruption to local business and neighbours as possible including noise, waste, parking, deliveries and collections.